Certify – [sur-tuh-fahy] – “to give assurance; testify; vouch for the validity of something.”

EmployeeAnswers has created a Call Center Certification Program “to give assurance; testify; vouch for the validity of” a call center customer service representative having the characteristics necessary for effective performance in a telephone representative position within a call center environment.

A Performance Model was created and validated in conjunction with the Department of Labor. The National Center for O*Net Development, a U.S. Department of Labor initiative, describes worker characteristics as “enduring characteristics that may influence both work performance and the capacity to acquire knowledge and skills required for effective work performance” (National Center for O*Net Development, n.d.,p. 1 as cited in Burrus, Jackson, Xi, & Steinberg, 2013, p. 7)

Call Center Certification status is used by job candidates to demonstrate to employers that they are indeed qualified – and possess the characteristics – cognitive, behavioral, and interests – necessary – to perform customer service functions in a call center environment.